Vero Audio – Large Format Touring Loudspeaker

Vero® is Funktion-One’s latest large-format touring loudspeaker system, that comes complete with amplification, processing, dante networking, rigging hardware, and proprietary projection software. The Vero audio system is the next level of tour sound.

The development of Vero is aimed directly at live touring applications and brings cutting edge R&D combined with a lineage of over 40 years of system development. A lineage that has provided sound reinforcement for some of the greatest touring bands of all time. Names that include the likes of Frank Zappa, Iron Maiden, Santana, Jackson Browne, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and Jamiroquai, to name just a few.
Two of the most recognisable names in loudspeaker design, Mr Tony Andrews and Mr John Newsham, along with their team, have delivered a system of remarkable sonic performance coupled with innovative practicality. This design combines the best of Funktion-One’s proprietary technology with their new “Geometric Energy Summation” (GES) technology. From Vero’s inception the focus has always been to achieve the lowest possible distortion with the highest conversion of amplifier energy into acoustic output whilst maintaining accurate coverage and control. Couple this with intuitive rigging that allows for quick and easy deployment, Vero is sure to set the highest standard of sound reinforcement for arenas, concerts and festivals of the largest scale. A typical Vero system is able to be flown remarkably quickly, thanks (in part) to the patent pending Lambda® rigging system. Loudspeaker array design is simplified by a new proprietary software package called ‘Projection’, that assists in delivering complete venue coverage. The ability to fly such a powerful system, in such a short space of time has been appreciated by the production crews of recent events including Chic, Earth Wind & Fire, James, Dave Tipper, Transmission Prague, Ultra Music Miami & Croatia and Creamfields festivals to name a few.

Full Throttle Entertainment’s managing director, Adam Ward, has spent the last 2 years negotiating the Australian arrival of Vero. We are proud to announce that Vero with its 5 years of development, including 2 years of testing across Europe and the United States, is in its final beta phase and now available in Australia! Full Throttle Entertainment Pty Ltd. (FTE) have taken delivery of one of only five Vero systems in the world.

Full Throttle Entertainment continues to own and operate the largest and most comprehensive Funktion-One inventory in the Southern Hemisphere, and now in partnership with Funktion-One are honoured to be part of the Vero program.

Vero is available exclusively in Australia from:
Full Throttle Entertainment Pty Ltd
Contact a Vero specialist here
1300 233 482