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Funktion One an Introduction:

Funktion One is a British Loudspeaker Manufacturer dedicated to the delivery of unparalleled Audio quality. The brand stands out by its dedication to delivering audio quality that has unparalleled sonic accuracy. 

Founded originally in 1992 by Tony Andrews and John Newsham with the goal of delivering world class loudspeakers unhindered by compromise. Tony Andrews and John needed to design without shackles and explore what was possible in loudspeaker design –  with this in mind Funktion One was born.

Funktion One Design Ethos:

The most important design ethos of Funktion One is to design boxes that sound good naturally. A loudspeaker that sounds good can avoid the use of driver EQ.  Without the use of driver EQ Funktion One can avoid equalizer induced phasing and coherence issues. These phasing and equaliser issues plague many other Manufactures that require loud speaker profiles to get their speakers to “sound good”.

A second element of the Funktion One design ethos is to maximise efficiency while still producing a powerful uncompromised sonic signature. Less amplifier power is required to drive the loudspeakers and this results in a cleaner amplifier profile. The amplifiers do not need to work as hard and therefore resulting in cleaner delivery of amplified power with better loudspeaker control.

Tony Andrews, John Newsham, and the Funktion One design team design the loudspeakers with exceptional directional control resulting in sound that can be focused where it is required with minimal spill. This is extremely important indoors where the goal is to keep sound off the walls and away from the stage.

Why do we choose Funktion One you ask?

That is an easy answer  — FTE  have not found a system  that can deliv­er sound in an open and organic effort­less man­ner the way that Funk­tion One loud­speak­ers can.

Tony Andrews and John Newsham’s  goal and ded­i­ca­tion to pro­vid­ing highly effi­cient dis­tor­tion free loudspeak­ers is realised again and again in the Funk­tion One prod­uct line. These loud­ speak­ers cou­pled with XTA pro­cess­ing and MC2 ampli­fiers deliver an unpar­al­leled audi­tory experience that brings our customers back again and again.

FTE are con­sis­tently told by client’s after every event, that “THIS IS THE BEST SOUND THEY HAVE EVER HEARD”. It is unfor­tu­nate that many Clients/Customers have gone so long lis­ten­ing to sound through sys­tems with­out the per­for­mance or quality of Funk­tion One. 

FTE understand that sound is one of a Humans most important senses. Funktion One strives to deliver as much resolution and detail as possible, quality sound has an emotional effect. It is fact that on a psychological level, good sound coupled with good music can open people’s minds but also deepen their awareness. Funktion One has mastered the connection between the artist and the listener.

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