Funktion One Sales, Funktion One Install:

If you are looking for Funktion One sales or Funktion One install then look no further than Full Throttle Entertainment. We have extensive experience selling and installing Funktion One in venues all over the world. We have been involved with Funktion one since 2000 where we have been operating, designing and Installing in some of the most influential venues in the world. We have been involved in venues in Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Bali, Ibiza, Sydney, and Melbourne just to name a few.

As an authorised dealer and reseller (link) Full Throttle Entertainment has a direct connection with the Funktion One Farm in the United Kingdom with access to Tony Andrews, John Newsham  and the rest of the Funktion One team. This access means we are right across the latest developments with the brand and the best way to deploy those developments.

Funktion One Sales:

Full Throttle Entertainment currently stocks the largest range of Funktion One inventory in the southern hemisphere. We provide an unparalleled level of knowledge gained from real world experience in the field with the products on a daily basis. Not only do we offer competitive prices Full Throttle can in most cases give you the opportunity to listen to the product before you buy it. As simple as walking out into our warehouse and plugging in a rig. We provide our customers with complete turn key solutions from the smallest studio application to the most comprehensive touring rigs.

Funktion One Install:

Full Throttle Entertainment’s team of experienced engineers, technicians and consultants have had over 16 years experience creating boutique installations specifically with Funktion One loudspeakers. We have worked is some of the most demanding and respected venues around the world from Las Vegas to Ibiza and beyond. Full Throttle Entertainment can set your venue apart from the competition with a unique creative design solution incorporating the latest in Funktion One loudspeakers.